The relationship between lawn care and weed growth cannot be overstated.  A neglected lawn will not only start to look shabby from lack of water, sunlight and nutrients, but can also become infested with weeds.  Healthy grass, on the other hand, keeps weeds at bay.

For the sake of uniformity, most people want only one type of grass growing in their yards.  The type of grass someone chooses must receive a certain amount of water and sun, and certain environmental conditions must be met.  If those things do not happen, it’s almost guaranteed that weeds will grow where the grass perishes.  There are hundreds of weeds, all of which thrive under various conditions.  If your grass dies from lack of water, weeds that can survive in arid conditions will grow.  If your grass perishes from too much foot traffic, strong weeds may very well grow in its place.

If you’re starting a lawn from scratch, or plan on redoing your entire yard, it’s probably a good idea to seek advice from a lawn care professional to find out which type of grass is best suited for your current environment.  There’s no one species that survives the best in all climates.  Proper lawn care and weed growth, therefore, is different from one region to another.  Grass that can survive in Montana might not be the best choice for people living in Florida, and vice versa.

Herbicides, Lawn Care and WeedsHere at Crabgrass Alert, we specialize in lawn care and weeds.  Regardless of the precautions you take, it’s virtually impossible to eliminate weeds altogether, which is why our product, Agralawn Crabgrass Killer, is so valuable for people who want beautiful, weed-free lawns.  Using Crabgrass Killer, you can kill some of the most common lawn weeds once they appear and prevent them from spreading seeds.


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