Professional lawn care can be quite expensive if you hire a company that has been in business for several years and has perfected the art of landscape maintenance.  Despite the cost of hiring a professional, many people just do not want to spend their weekends doing chores.  They would rather spend the money and hire professionals to take care of their weeds, grass, and other plants.

The amount of work someone must do depends on how attentive they are to detail, natural resources, whether or not they want a garden, and the size of their lawn.  Some people need professional lawn care for specific projects, not weekly mowing or watering.  Landscapers can put down sod, plant gardens, or alter the shape of your yard and then leave the maintenance up to you.

Professional Lawn Care with Agralawn Crabgrass Killer – If you lack the botanical expertise to stimulate plant growth but enjoy working outdoors, this option may work well for you.  Once the professional lawn care experts complete their work, all that’s left is regular watering, feeding, mowing, and weed control, all of which are relatively simple tasks.  Here at Crabgrass Alert, we offer a post-emergent herbicide called Agralawn Crabgrass Killer, which can be used by novices and professionals alike to destroy some of the most common weeds found in lawns and gardens.

This non-toxic formula is the herbicide of choice for many lawn care professionals.  It’s relatively inexpensive and poses no threat to the environment.  Whether you’re a professional groundskeeper or someone who just wants to get rid of some crabgrass, basket grass, or chickweed, this post-emergent herbicide will work for you.

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