Just about every yard requires lawn care products in order to look as good as possible.  Nowhere in nature do grass and flowers grow the way people want them to look in their yards, so people do have to manipulate the landscape.  Homeowners often fertilize, plant grass seeds, and apply herbicides to ensure the turf grows evenly.  Consistency and density are also desirable qualities.

Use Lawn Care Products to Deter Weeds. Planting grass seeds, plugs or sod on bald spots is essential to maintaining a healthy lawn. Of course, without seeds, plugs or sod grass will not grow in those areas. Neglecting to add grass where there currently is none can cause more harm than many people realize. If grass does not grow in a particular area, you can be sure that something will. Weeds will take advantage of unoccupied soil and plant their own seeds. Next season, the weed problem will most likely worsen.

Fertilizer protects lawns from weeds in much the same way. If your lawn lacks density, there will be plenty of room in the soil for weeds.  Even if there are no glaring bald spots, weeds will grow in between the blades of grass.  Weeds make it difficult to keep your lawn healthy, because they rob the soil of nutrients and water.  Fertilizer is one of the most important lawn care products on the market.

In addition to promoting the growth of healthy grass, landscapers also stress the importance of killing weeds.  Just as grass makes it difficult for weeds to grow, weeds occupy valuable soil space and leave little room for grass.  Here at Crabgrass Alert, we sell a post-emergent herbicide called Agralawn Crabgrass Killer that can help you reclaim soil from those unwanted weeds.  You can use our product year-round without worries about damaging your lawn, unlike other weed killers that can only be used in cooler temperatures. Along with other lawn care products, Agralawn Crabgrass Killer can help you maintain a beautiful yard full of thick healthy grass.

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