Different post-emergent herbicides vary in composition and how they work.  Many weed killers inhibit the ability of a weed to produce growth enzymes.  Unable to create new cells, plants slowly die over the course of several days.  Other herbicides inhibit photosynthesis, a process through which plants convert sunlight into energy.

Herbicides are either selective or non-selective.  A selective weed killer only destroys specific species.  A non-selective herbicide will kill all plant growth in an area.  There are certain weed killers that only kill the part of a plant that they touch.  Others infect one section and then migrate throughout the plant until the entire organism is dead.

The active ingredients in post-emergent herbicides range from organic compounds found in everyday foods to poisonous chemicals.  The most notorious of all chemical post-emergent herbicides is Agent Orange, which contains dioxin, a controversial organic chemical.  There is much scientific debate over the toxicity of dioxin.  Some studies suggest this chemical causes birth defects and numerous uncommon diseases.  Other resources say that the concern over dioxin has been far overstated.

All-Natural Post-Emergent Herbicides – Here Crabgrass Alert, we offer a post-emergent herbicide over which there is no controversy. Our effective weed killer contains all-natural ingredients that can actually be found in many kitchens. The active ingredient of Agralawn Crabgrass Killer is cinnamon bark. Inert ingredients include wheat flour, corn flour, cumin, and sodium hydrogen bicarbonate (also known as baking soda). You will not find a safer herbicide.


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