The task of finding the right killer and control is a fact of life for just about all homeowners. Even if you take every precaution against weeds, the seeds of unwanted plants can arrive on your lawn via wind or runoff.

Weeds are living plants, and their reproductive process is simply a fact of life. Still, while it might be impossible to stop weeds altogether, containing them is a very attainable goal.

When they appear, the first step toward killing them without destroying your lawn is identification. Common lawn weeds can be divided into two categories, grassy and broadleaf. Grassy weeds look like–you guessed it–grass. The major difference between grassy weeds and the rest of your lawn is your own perception. Any plant growing where you don’t want it is considered a weed. People don’t want crabgrass, because it stands out and grows differently. Therefore, it’s a weed.

The other type of weed is called a broadleaf. Dandelions, ground-ivy, chickweed, dollar weed, and several other plants fall within this category. All of these thrive under different circumstances, and there are numerous remedies for each.

Finding the Right Remedy – Once you have identified your weed, you can start researching effective control products. If your problem includes crabgrass, chickweed, basket grass, clover, dollar weed and others similar, then you have found the right website. Here at Crabgrass Alert, we suggest Agralawn Crabgrass Killer, a safe and effective post-emergent herbicide. It works quickly and is a safe alternative to harsh chemicals.

When compared to the best controls on the market, Agralawn Crabgrass Killer, which can be purchased here at Crabgrass Alert, fares favorably in just about every category. First and foremost, Crabgrass Killer is effective at killing several of the most common species of weeds. As long as you follow the instructions on the bottle, within three to five days you will see the weeds begin to wilt and die. This product will help you accomplish your goal to maintain a beautiful lawn.

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