Herbicides will be classified as safe if they meets three conditions. First and foremost, it must be non-toxic to human beings and pets. Anything that can harm a curious dog sniffing around in the yard is not considered safe. More importantly, people should not have to keep their kids out of the yard after applying weed killer.

The second criteria that must be met is that the weed killer will eventually break down into other non-toxic substances. Similar to biodegradable trash, safe weed killers do not remain intact forever. The remnants from used weed killer should not affect the long-term pH balance of your soil or turn into another chemical that can harm any living organism.

Lastly, safe weed killers are only toxic to specific plants. Weeds are living species, like grass, flowers, and trees. Certain weed killers may not be as discriminating as you would like. Before purchasing any herbicide, you should determine not only the weed species in your yard but also the type of grass you have. By applying the wrong herbicide, you can damage your yard. In the long run, repairing a lawn is often time consuming and costly.

Safe Weed Killers for Your Yard – If you have a St. Augustine, Common Bermuda, Bahia, or Centipede lawn, we at Crabgrass Alert offer Crabgrass Killer as a safe solution for your problem with crabgrass, basket grass, chickweed, and clover. This safe weed killer is made from all-natural compounds. Most importantly, you can rest assured that this herbicide will not harm your pets or your kids.


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