Crabgrass can be a homeowner’s worst enemy.  This pesky weed grows at an uncontrollable rate and often has a different hue than grass.  Crabgrass disrupts the harmony of an otherwise beautiful lawn, because it stands out and makes the lawn uneven.  This is especially true after the first killing frost of the fall season, when the weed turns brown and the grass around it remains green.

Crabgrass is an annual plant, and its seeds can germinate from mid-spring to late summer.  If a lawn is infested with crabgrass for several consecutive seasons, the soil will become rich with crabgrass seeds, and the problem will increase in severity over time.  Crabgrass can survive in most soil conditions, but it is most commonly found in patches where the soil and maintenance are poor.

How Do You Kill Crabgrass? There are two basic types of herbicides used to kill crabgrass.  The first is called a pre-emergent, which is designed to prevent the weed from ever-growing.  Although this is a desirable result, it’s very difficult to attain due to unforeseen fluctuations in the weather.  An unexpected frost can make pre-emergent herbicides completely ineffective.

Most people want to rid their lawns of crabgrass because of the way it looks, but not everyone realizes how harmful this weed actually is. As with all plants, crabgrass requires water, sunlight, and nutrients to remain healthy. The crabgrass you see on your lawn is robbing the grass you want of the nutrients and water it needs to remain colorful and healthy. This isn’t to say that a few patches of crabgrass will destroy your entire lawn. However, if you allow this weed to grow and reproduce, it’s possible your soil will become heavily infested a few years from now. Some have to uproot their lawns and replace the soil, which can be very expensive.

Keeping the Yard Free of Crabgrass – At Crabgrass Alert, we offer an inexpensive, easy-to-use solution for your crabgrass problem. All you have to do is dampen the weed with water, sprinkle a thin layer of Agralawn Crabgrass Killer on the weed, and wait a few days for the crabgrass to wilt and die. This product is safe even with kids and pets.

When mowing the lawn, be on the lookout for patches of crabgrass. The best time to treat a weed problem is in the early stages of growth. Using Crabgrass Killer on young weeds will clear out crabgrass and help your lawn remain healthy for years to come.

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