Agralawn Crabgrass Killer is a natural weed killer used to fend off crabgrass, chickweed, and other similar weeds. Cinnamon bark is the active ingredient. If your weed problem consists of the aforementioned plants, there’s really no need to spray your lawn with unsafe chemicals.

Several environmental activist groups are constantly lobbying the EPA to ban certain herbicides. They cite studies that suggest weed killers have shown up in tap water. Whether or not these claims are overstated, the concern is definitely legitimate. A more intimate concern for most people is the fact that their children and pets play on their lawns. Would you prefer to sprinkle a combination of cinnamon bark, wheat flour, and corn flour on your lawn, or synthetic chemicals?

Even people who are skeptical of the environmental groups would agree that it’s always preferable to use wholly organic, non-toxic, natural weed killers whenever possible, especially if the effectiveness of the safer herbicide is not in question. The truth is that Agralawn Crabgrass Killer will begin to kill several species of weeds within three to five days, and the leading chemical herbicides, the effects of which are relatively unknown, do not claim their weed killers work any faster or better.

Natural Weed Killers Are Easy to Order – Here at Crabgrass Alert, our online ordering system is safe and easy. An effective and all-natural weed killer is at your fingertips. Whether you currently have crabgrass on your lawn or just want to be prepared for when it does arrive, Crabgrass Killer makes a great choice.

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