Effective crabgrass control starts in the early spring and is an ongoing process until the first frost occurs in Autumn.  Before the growing season begins, you can take preventative measures against its growth.  One of the best ways to fend off crabgrass is to grow a dense, healthy lawn.  If the soil is occupied by grass roots, weeds will have a difficult time becoming established in your yard.

As with most weeds, crabgrass is virtually impossible to eliminate altogether because of its strong reproductive powers.  Pre-emergence herbicides will most likely reduce the amount of unwanted weeds on your lawn, but nonetheless, crabgrass control does not end in April.  No matter what you do, there’s a strong chance a few patches of this persevering weed will end up on your lawn in late spring and during the summer.

Crabgrass Control in the Late Spring and Summer – Because the emergence of crabgrass is inevitable, we, Crabgrass Alert, recommend keeping a supply of our Agralawn Crabgrass Killer on hand at all times during the Spring and Summer.  Crabgrass is very easy to identify.  By destroying it early in its life, you can prevent it from reproducing.

As you can see, crabgrass control is all about prevention.  Before it appears, you want to make the conditions for weed growth as unfavorable as possible.  Once the weeds begin to show, you can use our Agralawn Crabgrass Killer to prevent them from maturing and multiplying.  If these measures are not taken, you run the risk of allowing crabgrass and other weeds to take over your lawn.

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