Basket Grass, also known as Woodgrass, Annual Jewgrass or Mary’s Grass, is commonly found in moist, shady environments. This weed can be identified by its wavy leaves, which feature a white midvein that divides each leaf into two uneven halves. Basket grass germinates in the early spring, at approximately the same time of year as crabgrass, and it flowers in the fall.

Two to three weeks after basket grass germinates, it enters its cotyledon stage.  When it first begins to grow, it will appear very similar to crabgrass. As basket grass matures, it grows several leaves, and the runner can grow to as long as 27″.

As with most weeds, basket grass is very persistent.  It can be prevented using the same pre-emergent herbicides you would use against crabgrass, although weeds often find ways to grow despite the precautions people take.  You can hand pick basket grass, but if your weed problem is widespread, or if there are other weeds in your lawn, it’s much simpler to use a post-emergent herbicide.

Eliminating Basket Grass with Crabgrass Killer – If you want a beautiful lawn, and basket grass just won’t let you have it, try our Agralawn Crabgrass Killer, which is formulated to destroy not only crabgrass but also chickweed, basket grass, and several other types of weeds. After you follow the simple directions provided on the bottle, it will take between three and five days for the weed to wilt and die.

We at Crabgrass Alert Guarantee our product can rid your lawn of unwanted basket grass and other weeds while not affecting the greenness or health of your lawn. If you have children or pets, rest assured that Agralawn Crabgrass Killer is safe for the environment, people, and pets. It’s harmless to just about everything, except, of course, for weeds.

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